Dinner & 7D

Sawadee Khrap

Having a special dinner tonight at SoupaSteak – India style dishes – I think – but should be great – tell you about it later with photos.

Looking forward to the food but more important to me  – I will be testing my new 7D.  So far it’s been great – taking images with my old Tamron zoom lens better than my old camera with the Canon L Series lenses.  And shooting at ISO 6400 – perfect.  Heavy damn thing but well worth it.  I am starting out using Large JPG output  – approx. 6.6 MB files at 17.9 MP – and using the RAW button (25.1 MB) only when it is an important shot – saving space.  They recommend using at least 4GB to 8GB CF cards – I only have 2 GB cards from my old cameras – have to do – no money left after this.

Tonight I’ll use the Canon 17-40 L lens – f4.0 ( I could not afford the 16-35 f2.8 – $1535 – Wow expensive)  But still amazing what this will do in low-light – Camera max ISO 12,800 – but noise at 6,400 ( little but noticeable.) so I probably won’t try to push it over 3200 to 6400.   Should still be fast enough.

Tonight dinner at SoupaSteak – tomorrow Mohamed’s birthday (He is at Fang Lagoon HomeStay tonight – back tomorrow, with update)  – first dinner at Gianni de Burchio’s then the show at Adam’s – featuring underwear ????   not sure what that means – photos will tell, I will try to take as many as possible without shooting when they are nude.