Café Khun kru–Off Suthep Rd.

Sawadee Khrap

KhunKruCafeMax told me about “Wit” and his Café, take the second Soi on the left past the Canal Road on Suthep Rd.  (See the map) .  It is hard to find and when I went there Sat it was still raining and so they were not open.  I did get to meet Wit and managed to take some quick shots.

It’s located in the front yard of the house and can be a little difficult to find.  I plan to go back and visit next Tuesday and see how the drinks are and what kind of customers he draws – students, students and more students – hopefully it won’t be raining .

Wit seems like a real neat guy and we will chat later and I’ll tell you more about the Café and him.  Maybe I can find some models there too.



and here’s a shot from the front road – don’t go past it – more Tuesday



One thought on “Café Khun kru–Off Suthep Rd.”

  1. Why does he call himself คุณครู (teacher)? Maybe anything to learn here..? 🙂

    or just his nick name 🙁

    No Stephan, because he is a teacher – French I think he teaches. Great you picked that up in Thai.

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