Busy Sunday–only had one memory card

Sawadee Khrap

20110220_151923_0009_IMG_1135Started off Sunday by going to Monk Chat at Wat Suan Dok.  Special class to talk with the monks about starting their own blogs.  (Left to right) Phra’s Veasna, Denny, Boumy, and Ritty were there for this first meeting.  we plan to have more and go over setting out their own web-sites and stories – I’ll post the URL’s when they are on line – Should be great reading.

20110220_151923_0014_IMG_1149Then I headed to the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center for lunch.  Spotted 20110220_151923_0011_IMG_1142Kevin and Chaat on the escalator on the way to lunch and passed by a setup where several artist were making drawings for the crowd. Cute little guy sitting there – but very hard to stay still.

After lunch I heard the music coming from the front of the Center 20110220_151923_0021_IMG_116120110220_151923_0022_IMG_1162for a “Dancerise Contest”.  I only had one memory card with me so I was very limited in the number of shots I could take.  Here is just a few from the first acts:



Didn’t get any names but wanted to show some great kids waiting to show what they can do. Last are the Judges.








I’m going to make it a habit to carry more memory cards so I can capture all the action next time – I love the new camera and have no excuse to not be prepared from now on.  These kids were great and I wish I had been able to stay for the whole contest – next time.