Mae Taeng – 7 Tribes Village trip

Sawadee Khrap

Last week I took Ton to his family’s home in Mae Taeng and then he and his brother showed me the local area – nice day trip – had a great time. CRW_0824 


Mae Taeng area is beautiful this time of the year – these red flowered trees are everywhere .



CRW_0835From here we went to the Buatong Waterfall – so much minerals in the water that they have  dropped out and coated the hill with a cement like layer- amazing.

You can walk right up the falls without slipping –




Next we went to see the 7 Tribes Village – here is their brochure and the front sign – I love this shot of a Karen girl – Ton got her to play and sing a native song for us – great


7-TribesVillage1   7-TribesVillage2


From here we went to the end of the road which ended at the Ping River – many boulders in it so white water abounds – rafting and CRW_1103 tubing is the name of the day – Ton and his brother went swimming  – I just watched and relaxed – got a good shot of a very cute ladyboy – can’t wait till the rainy season starts and the area greens up – beautiful


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