KORO–wow Learn something new every day

Sawadee Khrap

On my facebook is a comment about KORO – dammed if I had heard about it – but apparently the Chinese knew about it around  300 BC and wrote about it.

Singapore had a 1967 outbreak of the disease or actually mental condition.  It was reported in the Singapore Medical Journal and stemmed from rumors that pork, poisoned from a swine fever inoculation, was causing genital shrinkage and panic spread through the hospitals.

GENITAL SHINKAGE – wow – better check yours – I am going to measure mine this morning so I have a point of reference and then daily checks to catch it before too much is lost.

Anyway, be careful – Hu Li Jung, the Chinese genital thieving fox spirit, has been sighting in Guangdong region of China – almost at my back door.