acclimation – finally

Sawadee Khrap

Well I think I have actually becoming more Thai now – This morning it was 80*F  (26 C) in the house and I thought it was cool.  Haven’t gotten used to metrics yet so I still use Fahrenheit.  I expect it to reach about 96-7 today outside in the shade.

I have had to start drinking a flavored electrolyte solution about every other day to compensate for the sweating, although I am not as bad as when I arrived.  It’s amazing how much better I feel after having the drink – didn’t realize how much water and salt loss there is on a daily basis in this weather.  I don’t have the constant sweating like before – but apparently it is still going on to cool me down but not as noticeable. If I start getting really tired during the day then I make sure I have been drinking enough water and solution.

Anyway – just a note –