Soho Bar & Guesthouse

Sawadee Khrap

Nu and I just came from dinner with our friend Bert and stopped by the “Soho” for a coke.  Soho’s new owner Scott, with his Thai partner “Big” bought the place a couple of months ago.  They have really fixed up the place and brought the service up to match.  It’s a great gay hangout  – right on Huay Kaew Rd just up from the Shopping Center – take a walk using MapJack and have a look.  Some very cute, sexy bartenders are there to serve you – Tan, Chai, Nong and Simmy

I took some pictures with my small camera, but they are really bad so I will have to go back and get some better ones using the big Canons.  Nights shots are really a bitch with this little Canon Powershot.  I’ll do the write up for the place when I get some decedent pictures.