Pool Party Saturday eve 23rd

Sawadee Khrap

If your in Chiang Mai don’t miss the Liam Suan Dok Mai Belgian Restaurant & Guest-house “Pool Party” on Saturday the 23rd evening starting at 5 PM.  I went there for dinner last night and it was great.  And to my sunrise Narin was there. Valere Geurts & his sister opened their new Belgian restaurant and Narin is Valere’s boyfriend.  Here’s the restaurant flyer:


Should be a lot of gay boys enjoying the pool – so come , have dinner, swim or just mingle.

I’m going to go and promise to have some pictures for those of you who are too far away to join in or were unable to make it.



One thought on “Pool Party Saturday eve 23rd”

  1. Is the Suan Dok Mai Guesthouse “gay friendly” ? At their website it indicates they charge a 450 Baht per night joiners fee. Doesn’t seem very friendly to me.

    Hi Bob I’m not sure of the exact reason, I’m assuming it’s because they include a “full breakfast” that they charge for any additional guest – They don’t care who joins you but they do assume that the guest will share in all amenities. In any event that’s my take on it – but I will ask them and post their response later. Thanks for the question.

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