Opening of Lanna Lavendar Hotel

Sawadee Khrap

Went to the Grand Opening of the new Lanna Lavendar Hotel on Oct 5th – WOW – GREAT – Great Music, Food, and Boys, Boys, Boys —– Brian and Pong were there too and Brian got these photos – I didn’t take a camera – still not in the mood.  Enjoy.
































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  1. Lavender Lanna Hotel: The Powerboys Bar. Like everything in Chiang Mai, it is more polite, laid back, less in-your-face than BKK and venues to the south. None of the thin, femme, questionable-age type boys that Sunee specializes in, but there were several rather attractive straight twinks.

    The Hotel is another matter. OPEN TOO SOON. Might be OK in three months time, but at the moment everything is still too new for comfort. I was there 16-19 Oct. First, was given one of the yet-to-be-renovated rooms on the 10th floor. Worth about 200 B per night instead of the 1,000 they were charging. Original 1975 furniture and fittings. Disaster.

    I asked for a “nice” room and was shown to the “renovated” Room 806. Still had old furniture, still in need of some touch up painting. Bathroom had new tiles on walls, but the sink, toilet and tub were from 1975. Dimly lit, almost dark in the shower, exhaust fan ancient and noisy. Kleenex box stocked with table napkins instead of facial tissues.

    No coffee/tea maker, no electronic safe, no place to use or plug in your laptop. There were 2 computers on the 3rd floor landing, internet at no charge, but both machines covered with dust and only one plugged in, because there were no available electrical outlets for the second machine.

    There were 2 small elevators to service the 10 floors, but only one was working. Breakfast was for the enjoyment of the Asian guests – rice, noodles, rice soup, stir-fried vegetables. For westerners, only toast, jam, coffee and cold fried eggs.

    From the advertisements, I had expected Lavender Lanna to be an exclusively gay/lesbian establishment. Instead, I observed only a few gay farang. The majority of the guests were straight Thais, single, or families with children, happy to take advantage of the 450 Baht per night promotion price for locals, and able to stay next door to their relatives hospitalized at Chiang Mai Ram, or able to walk a very short distance to the Central shopping mall at Kad Suan Kaew.

    I asked for a ride to the airport when I checked out. They brought my bag outside to the hotel’s lavender colored tuk-tuk. Did I want to arrive at the airport sweaty and choking from car exhaust fumes? No thanks. For the same 100 Baht tuk-tuk fare, I was shown to one of their free lance taxis.

    But, if you’re not as fussy as I am (and I would not want to be staying at a place where all 100 rooms were occupied by guests like me), then it really is very convenient to be able to go downstairs and find go-go boys and massage boys in-house. And, yes, the staff at Powerboys and throughout the hotel is very pleasant. They just need a few more months to put the guest rooms in good shape and revise their pricing so that farangs are not paying double what Thais are charged.

    Wow Bob, Thanks for the comments –

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