Metro Bar, Chiang Mai – Open – fantastic

Sawadee Khrap

Metro Bar 2

WOW – The Metro Bar is open for business and what a delight.  Todd and Pia have out-done themselves on this place.  I was going to take some pictures to show but Peter West & Sa  from ChiangMaiChimes has done a great job so I’ll just post their link here.


I went down last night to see the place and have a Sprite.  beautiful decor, great bartenders, and reasonable prices – I assume they will be a little bit higher in the busy season, but Todd assures me that he has no intention of gouging his customers – be prepared for a great evening and not emptying your pocketbook – that is concerning the club but of course you can always approach one of the cute boys in the bar and things may change.  And there were several cute guys in the club while I was having my drink and that was before 9 PM – I wish I could have stayed to see who came in later in the evening.

I am told that Adam’s Apple is expected to be open in about a month – Thai time, that is – we’re hopping – then hit the “Metro” for a drink, trip upstairs to watch the show, and back for a night cap.  Todd also promises that Metro will not be a place where you have to fight off the money boys – no pressure, great atmosphere and good parking (that’s a major difference too)  Be sure to stop by – Opening month – free snacks too.




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