Max & Nookie’s leaving party

Sawadee Khrap

Tuesday night we went to Max and Nookie’s going back home to Germany party.  Max had reserved a table at the ‘Spirit House’ and many of his friends came for a farewell dinner.  Max took some shots and sent them to me so I thought I’d post them here:  I’ll leave the names out but I am sure you will be seeing more of these boys in the up and coming events around Chiang Mai in the future.  SUBMIT A COMMENT if you would like more information.

Max and Nookie are due back to Chiang Mai in Oct, but I will look forward to seeing and posting many of his photos from Berlin and around Germany – keep them coming Max and have a safe trip   ******

Here’s some party shots:

6 CM Abschluss-essen 8 CM Gabby Jens Teddy16 CM Gabby Jens Teddy





19 CM Abschluss-essen21 CM Frank Nu Nooky1 CM friend Gabby






12 CM Nooky J Gabby

P.S.  They have remodeled the front of the ‘Spirit House’ and it looks great – I know they spent a lot of time getting it done – maybe this explains why the food was not up to the restaurant’s usual quality – and they also added a misting device to act as air-conditioning – too strong, several quests, including Nu and I, made comments that after dinner we had to go have a shower – too much water (mist) in both food, clothes and atmosphere.  — hopefully better next time.