Lanna Men’s Dress – WoW – nothing to hide here

Sawadee Khrap



Nu and I just got back from a visit to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Mae Rim.  Great place – don’t miss it if you come to Chiang Mai – and got some wonderful shots and will post them next.

BUT – WOW – I had to go to the bathroom and was floored when I saw what was painted on the toilet walls.

For God Sake –  DON’T  let  Natee see this, He’ll have the place shut down  ??????  – how could they !!!.




But then again – this was typical Lanna dress for men and boys. 

My, Oh My,  I wish I could have lived at this time – such a wonderful way to dress – and a real fashion statement. 



Here’s a full shot  of the murals they have  – can’t leave the girls out.

Now I really expect to see these kinds of outfits in the Pride Parade – after all , it is REAL Lanna style.

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One thought on “Lanna Men’s Dress – WoW – nothing to hide here”

  1. Hi, just a question. During my recent trip around thailand, I met a person called ‘Bam’. He was 22 years old and guess he graduated from srithana commercial college. He had studied accounting, as he said. Nothing’s for sure, cause I am a foreigner and unware of Thai language and systems.
    He was quite tall and skinny. By the time when I saw him he had a long hair. Anyways, is it possible that you guys can check out whether that person really exists? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    Hi Kate — Everyone here uses nicknames and “Bam” I assume is one of them, they use them instead of their longer and harder to pronounce Thai names and most times the nicknames have no relationship to the real name, in addition they usually have several nicknames they use for different occasions or reasons. SOoooooooo it would be impossible to know just who you met or to be able to find them without a picture. For example, there were about 3000 students at Sirthana College last semester – God only knows how many called themselves “Bam” Sorry – wish I had a better answer.

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