Here’s also something you ought to try – It’s Free too

Sawadee Khrap


 C O M O D O

I have been running their Free AntiVirus and Firewall program with great success.

So far it’s the best I’ve found  and gives me all the control I have been looking for.

and it’s FREE

Can’t beat that.


One thought on “Here’s also something you ought to try – It’s Free too”

  1. Frank, My McAfee protection program that came free with Broadband seems almost hostile to my wanting to download any other added on anti-virus program. I wonder if it’s telling me that I dont actually need any more anti virus downloads. It seems to cover everything.


    Thought I’d answer this off line – but my advice is to stay away from the McAfee’s, Nero’s, Norton’s etc — to me they are not hungry enough to keep making a better product – the smaller fighting companys are.

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