Heat wave Broken



It started raining last night and what a temperature drop. 

 Turned off the A/C and finally got a good nights sleep

The 27th, they say is when the sun will be closest to the Earth and should be the hottest day of this year.

So I think this storm came at the right time – last week every day was over 100 and I was ready to move.  Damn it was HOT.  But then came the rain, temperatures dropped and life became normal again.   Well, I hope this is the start of the rainy season.

I did talk to my Nephew, he’s in India right now on business, and it’s about 105 there with no chance of rain  – so Chiang Mai is still the best place to live.

P.S.  The photo above is a Photoshop enhancement of our house shot last year, I added the lightning – thought it would add some interest.



One thought on “Heat wave Broken”

  1. Hey Frank, finally had time to catch up on blogging. Really happy the heat broke, and you have the rain for a while. The weather in Bali is more like what it was when we moved here last August. Although it’s been raining the past few nights for a while, the days have been wonderful. So is there a celebration in Thailand for “Sun closest to the Earth Day”?

    Not sure about a “Official” celebration of the closeness of the sun but the rains coming is sure a relief – May 14th is the start of Buddhist Lent and the monks will retire to their Temples for the next 3 months – throughout the rainy season. The weather will be cooler due to the rains and everything will be green – I hope to get some new pictures for my paintings.

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