Doi Saket-Chiang Mai Ladyboy Contest

Sawadee Khrap

Contest-Ladyboy1Here is a great link to the photos of the winners of the “Doi Saket – Chaing Mai Ladyboy Contest”  held April 3rd 2009.

If your interested in LadyBoy Contests then the above link is a great site to follow – too bad it’s only in Thai – but then again we are only looking at the pictures  .


We didn’t get a chance to go but we did attend the latest contest April 5th at Chiang Mai and I will post some shots of the girls there soon.  Also took some video so maybe I can put up a simple video too.

 P.S.  I will have to buy some ear plugs because as usual in Thailand the music was so loud it could be heard for at least 5 blocks – next to the stage you could feel the vibrations in the air – my ears are still ringing.