Doi Pui Campgrounds

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_3182On Friday, a school holiday, we went to see and take pictures at Doi Pui.   Doi Pui is right behind Doi Suthep and has the Queen’s palace and flower gardens – and about 3Km past is a public campground. There is also several Tribal villages but that we will leave for another post.  

 If IMG_3183you can read in Thai here is the that version too.    Looks like a great place to camp – they have tents you can rent and a eating facility with a small restaurant.  There are a lot of great orchids and other flowers in the main campgrounds.



















We didn’t have time to visit a Tribal village nor to stop by the Queen’s Palace this time but we are planning another trip soon and will have many pictures – there is a GREAT flower garden there. Maybe next weekend.

On Saturday, 10th, we went to the Expats meeting to hear a presentation by the hiking club – great photos and very entertaining.  We are planning on joining the group to go on some walks – hopefully better photographic material – no cars, motor bikes or people to scare away the animals, so we are really looking forward to capturing what the local jungles in the area look like.

Also, Nu’s birthday is coming, 27th, but he was bugging me about getting a laptop – so he got a early birthday present – a ASUS dual core Vista laptop.  I set up a wireless network in the house so he can use it anywhere.  He has Lightroom & Photoshop installed and will be presenting his own photos shortly,  In addition he has started a blog ( and is setting it up – when he gets it ready to go online I will post the address.

Tonight we head for dinner at Bert’s house and then Nu starts school again Monday.  Back to normal.



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