David Crisp Memorial

Sawadee Khrap



Today we went to the Buddhist Traditional Cremation of a friend who passed away last week.  David was a Composer and Conductor for several local groups including “The Spirit House Singers”  It was a Thai-style funeral and cremation at a local temple – Wat Pa Phaeng.

They will also have a memorial service at the Spirit House Restaurant this coming Sunday night – music, some David had written, and friends offering reminiscences.

We plan on going and I will get some photos.




3 thoughts on “David Crisp Memorial”

  1. Thanks for your help.
    I have had one reply from this posting but so far no-one from the choir has replied and I am still anxious to be able to talk with one of them.

    In Edinburgh we know how important the choir was to David and he even sent us a photo of a concert or rehearsal.


  2. I’m a very old friend of David Crisp’s still living in Scotland.
    Would really like to get in touch with some of his friends in Chiang Mai.

    Would especially like to get e-mail from some of his Spirit House Choir singers.

    my email address is zuckermankathy@gmail.com

    Thanks Kathy, I’ve sent emails to several members on the Choir and they should be contacting you shortly – Please let us know here what the response was – I am sure our readers will appreciate hearing too.

  3. Went to the funeral as well, such a sad day. The memorial was tasteful and appropriate – David would have loved it – although perhaps wondered why people were making a fuss drawing all that attention to him… Still missing him and thinking of him most days… RIP David

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