Chiang Mai Gay Pride 2009 KickOff

Sawadee Khrap

ParadeBoysYesterday, Friday 16th, we went to the afternoon kickoff announcement show for Pride 2009 at Tawan Trendy Mall.   Here are some shots of the affair.

—— KickOff Slideshow ——-







     Group scene first then the main organizers:







Bruce from Long Yang Club, several from M+ and Bird (see later in post) were the kickoff speakers – sorry I didn’t get everyone’s names. Then a question and answer forum was opened – but as usual there is always a spoil sport in the crowd – this time as several reps from “the city” – not really sure who they were, but They were concerned about nudity in the parade – ???  apparently they had heard about other Pride events around the world and wanted to make sure Thai culture was observed and that does not allow nudity in public.  Thank God for critics – Heaven only knows what would happen if we were allowed to lead ourselves – typical politicians.

The next shot is Nu and his friend – former Teacher – Nickie – (LadyBoy) – she invited him to be with her on the float in the parade and it appears he will – so I should have a lot of shots on parade day – backstage as well.

AsianPlusTravelAnd I mentioned earlier “Bird” – A long time friend and a surprise to me – was there and a sponsor of the event.  Bird owns a Travel Agency in Chiang Mai – I had earlier posts for Asian Plus but wanted to show their new web-site here – very very nice.   Please check it out:

Well more to come in Feb on the event – stay tuned, promise more boy pictures.