Accident – then Golf

Sawadee Khrap

Quite a day,

Nu left for school and on the way had a motorcycle accident.  He was traveling one of the back-roads going to the YMCA for English classes and collided with Aphinan Nilthong’s truck which turned in front of him from a side road – they didn’t see each other until it was too late. Khun Nilthong took Nu to the hospital and I meet them there.  No broken bones and the bike appears OK.  Nu is limping but is otherwise OK.

Khun Nilthong, it turns out is a PGA Pro Golf Instructor at Genius Golf Academy.  He took great pains and time to make sure Nu was OK and stayed with us for most of the morning at the hospital.  Thanks

NilthongGeniusGolfIf you are looking for any golfing training then I would suggest that you check with Khun Nilthong. 

 If his devotion to your learning golf is anything like his attention to helping Nu then you would be in very good hands.  I’d show more posts on golf but it is not my cup of tea, but Chiang Mai has some great Courses.