Yee Peng – Loy Krathong

Sawadee Khrap

Nov 13, will be Thailand Loy Krathong Day.  Festivities have already started, fireworks all night long, but not officially.  Last night at Mae Jo University they held the “Yee Peng San Sai “ floating lantern ceremony.  Nu and I could not make it but Kevin and Chatt went and sent me these pictures so I could post them.Yee Peng 2008-11-08 001Yee Peng 2008-11-08 004Yee Peng 2008-11-08 007




Yee Peng 2008-11-08 0008Yee Peng 2008-11-08 010

  The last shot shows the hot air balloons that were let go – almost 5000 I am told, let go at the same time –  really wish I could have been there.



Tonight, Tuesday, I will bring Nu back to the same lady’s shop that he rented his Lanna Dress last time.  He is going to be in a school Ladyboy beauty contest, and if one of the top three will represent his school in the Yee Peng parade Wednesday night in Chiang Mai.  The Official kick off to Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai.  I will be there and promise to get some shots.