Vacation and a new Life – just 6,500 US

Sawadee Khrap

Just looking at yesterdays Bangkok Post, front page no less, and spotted this ad.

Cosmetic surgery

Conveniently located right next to the Thai Bank in Bangkok  (and ATM) you can go from “rags to riches” so to say or to put it more exactly  “from boy to girl” – but not too sure if it works the other way around for the same price.  But NOTE – same price for Thais as Farangs – outstanding.

BUT WAIT, You’ll need to consider all aspects  – if you opt for the change then it would probably require that you also opt for “Breast enlargement almost doubling the cost.  But not to worry,  Wow,  still within everyone’s budget.

My worry is the falling dollar – today = 33.6 Baht – that means at todays value your full operation above would run a little higher. Still not a bad price for a new life – Buying a used car would cost more – so still not a bad idea. 

  1. Round trip flight SFO to BKK = $1,800
  2. Lodging 2 weeks @ 1200 Baht day = $500
  3. Food and Entertainment = $2,000 B/day  (just the essentials, no visits to the boy bars included) $850 
  4. Surgery Sex Change & Breast Enlargement = $3,273

Grand Total – $6,423 US

Priced for the Masses – Fits anyones budget  – leave work on a 2 week vacation to Asia, enjoy the sights of Bangkok and return home a new person – but before you leave work make sure that they will pay the same wages if you come back a woman.   Lot lot think about


But, what the hell is “Orchiectomy”  just $125 bucks – yet they dropped it.

  • An Orchiectomy (OR-kee-EK-tuh-mee) is surgery to remove one or both testicles.

Be sure to ask your doctor to include this too – but you have to be over 18 for this operation ( sometimes you can get by with your guardian’s signature)  see my earlier post on this subject. 

My God how complicated can they make this.