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Sawadee Khrap

Just found a new Sideshow template – TiltViewer by The Turning Gate – it’s a add-on for Adobe Lightroom and really makes neat sideshows.  I grabbed several images and just put them into a test gallery.

*** Sideshow ***

Check it out – sorry I didn’t take a lot of time setting up the Titles and Descriptions for each shot – I just wanted to see what the finished show would look like on the blog.  Look for other gallery templates in the future – it’s great to have plug-ins for Lightroom.  If you use Adobe Lightroom try these out, this is using the free version but the pay-fro Pro version is even better.

One thought on “TiltViewer – New Slideshows”

  1. Looks great Frank. The tilting motion is quite a novelty. I wanted to view the pictures even larger so I clicked on the ‘full screen option.’
    Specially liked the Reno Mountain Road view and the Mountain River Scene. But the text and descriptions seem okay to me.
    Of course while you’re waiting for new ones to load you can play around with the tilting… and get dizzy!!

    There are several other Gallery Templates and I will use them to make the SlideShows more interesting. Lightroom is a amazing product and the ability to use 3rd party add-ons or plugins is great – I haven’t looked at the commercial plugins available but will also do that – I am also going to possibly change the WordPress Theme that I am using too to creat a better looking blog. Thanks for the comment – really helps to know what others think.

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