The Monk’s new blogs

Sawadee Khrap and Sawadee Pee Mai

If you have been following my blog , you know that for the past few months I have been going to Monk Chat at Wat Suan Dok. 


 Sanehand the founders:




I’ve had the pleasure and great experience by helping out with several projects , One Baht School, Web site, and general monk chat nights – but most of all I enjoy meeting and getting to know the novice monks at the school.  One of my favorite times is helping the monks learn HTML and set up their blogs to share their lives with us.  There will be some great blogs to follow – !!!!!!!!!! 

Pictures of their homeland, village, family and life as a monk – stories and glimpses into their culture, growing up, family and Buddhistic life are to be featured.      Get to know them as I have, and find out the fascinating facts and stories they have to tell.  Life and experiences far from what we know as normal, different as night and day and yet all share the common thread of seeking Love, Peace and Happiness.

First  Chhunny’s (Phra Chhunn Noem)  Blog 

Chhunny Chhunny2





 and then Jerry’s  (Phra Soeuring Seam) blog.







There are also several monks in our group from Laos, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and even Thailand .     I really hope they start a blog like Chhunny and Jerry’s.  I’ll post their links as they get them ready – Monk Chat on the Web.

Check them out and Please leave COMMENTS — this is what will keep them going and show them that someone cares what they have to say.