Songkran begins – Sawadee Pee Mai (2551)

Sawadee Pee Mai – Happy New Year – Thai style.



Last week saw our friend David’s, in London, Birthday.  He didn’t send me any cake but he did send the photo —


Happy Birthday David.


And he created a great SONGKRAN banner for the event.    —–



I will get photos of all the celebration this week, water throwing, contests, entertainment, bands, dancing, etc. for next weeks posting.

And on Thursday, last week, Nu had his special day.Nu-Lanna 

For the last month we have been planning on Nu entering his first LadyBoy Beauty Contest.  Our plan was to go to Jerry’s house so Nu could enter the Nan Miss Queen Contest.  He really had his heart set to go and at the last minute we found out they had restricted it to only local contestants – what a bummer.  Since we had the dress, makeup, and everything arranged we went ahead and he prepared and I took some photos.

Here’s a finished composite.

What do you think ?

I think he’s a winner.   



One thought on “Songkran begins – Sawadee Pee Mai (2551)”

  1. Gee Thanks Frank. A shame all that lovely cake has gone. A chocolate one as well.
    Must say Nu looks amazingly beautiful. What a shame they wont let him enter the Nan contest. But we know that he’ll do well in another up and coming contest.

    Have a great Festival weekend and don’t get the camera wet!

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