Saturday 5th 2008

Wow, 2008 already – going on 3 years I have been in Chiang Mai – Oct 3rd to be exact.  Doesn’t seem that long.  It’s a little different now that I’m single, but as they say – Life goes on – unless you stop, and I’m not stopping.  just got back from doing some shopping at Care-Four and Rimping’s market.  Little stuff I needed, new shower curtain, cleaners, baked beans to eat in a pinch, soap — isn’t it exciting.  I did meet several of my friends shopping – that was very nice.

The most pressing problem I have now is deciding what and where to eat – alone I presume, no dates set – next week some dinner dates are set, but this weekend I’m by myself.  Maybe cruise the Shopping Center too – nice eye candy and I can get a great 1 hour foot  massage for just $3 US — or 120 Baht to round out the evening.

Sunday is MonkChat and web code teaching – the monks have started their blogs on Blogger and we will work on them and how to make major changes using HTML/Java code.  6 monks so far have started their blogs – Thai, Lao and Cambodia monks – with pictures of their villages, family, country, and life as a monk – I’m sure they will be great reading and viewing.  Each will be linked to the main MonkChat web-site so I’ll post it here when they are active. 

The Main MonkChat web-site is being completely revamped and we should have it fully running about the latter part of next week – It really looks great so far.  It will also contain audio and video clips of the MonkChat Radio program and celebrations/teachings that are being held in the Temple.  It’s really been a lot of fun watching the sparkle in the monk’s eyes as they see what they can do – now the world is open to them, but better yet their family can also stay in contact by going to their local Internet Cafe and checking out their son’s blog – that’s powerful.

Well – Sawadee Pee Mai – Hope your having a Great New Year.



2 thoughts on “Saturday 5th 2008”

  1. Hahahahaha, I watched Star Wars in a theater in Modesto, CA when it first came out (OMG that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away), and yes, the comment is just as fitting. I do want to talk to you again soon, Skype me when you have time.

    Will Do – Glad you like it.

  2. Congrats Frank, beginning your 3rd year in Chiang Mai has be a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I hope I can say the same in 2011. I’ve always had the desire to do it but needed to find a starting point. Clock is ticking now, April 4th isn’t that far off.

    I just realized something Vickar will be familiar with, Care-Four, he was just today shopping at one in Medan. I’m guessing it’s the W$#-Mart of Asia?

    Thanks – I am amazed – I do feel like home when I walk down the streets here and yet there is always that feeling that I am still in SF, but I look around and only see Asian faces and hear a strange language – but everything else is almost the same – US music, Restaurant names, etc., a lot of motorcycles with few cars – but that ratios getting worse – same pollution, smog – although the local smell are different. Sometimes a very strange feeling.

    And for Care-Four – Ya it is, again almost the same, loud music, very large but not the range of choices I had in the SuperMarkets in SF. Maybe that’s because I am just searching for recognizable products – most have Asian labels so I haven’t the slightest idea if they are the same as the brands I know – but most of the ones I like (in English)are on the shelves – higher priced because their only asked for by farangs – but none the less available.

    You guys will feel right at home – Just without the relatives close by. Ciao “May the 4th be with you” Oopps that’s April- but it doesn’t sound right.

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