Old photos – Revised

Sawadee Khrap

I’ve been trying out two new programs:  PhotoMatix HDR & NoiseWare.  Using Lightroom and creating 2 virtual copies, ( one -1 exposure stop and +1 exposure stop ) then High Dynamic Range PhotoMatix to process.  After this I open them in PhotoShop CS3 using the NoiseWare plug-in and with additional tonal control, I created these images.  All have been optimized for the web

(but they are still relatively large, so if you have a slow Internet connection it may take some time for the full size images to load.)

From my trip to China and Philippines in 2003, I got these shots.

P3240073-2_-3__tonemapped copy

P3310036_-2_-3_tonemapped copy







From the States, I tried the same techniques on some images from Petaluma, California 2005 – I really like the results, All these shots were taken with the Olympus 2.3 MP camera – Not much to work with, but a definite improvement








And here is one we just took at last Wednesday the local Mok Fa Waterfall — It was created from 17 wide-angle shots of the area – swtiched and blended by PhotoShop CS3 to deliver this amazing image – If you look closely in the lower left you can our friend Brian and his camera – I left him there to show the size of the place – what do you think, comments ?????




Sorry, when I corrected the image links I lost all comments, thanks






One thought on “Old photos – Revised”

  1. The lady with the fruit stand is wonderful, so much detail and texture. That is a great shot! Along with the rest of course 🙂

    Thanks, This was a quick “jump out of car and shoot” – no time to compose or position anything. I find that many of my best shots are the same – I didn’t actually plan the shot just saw the idea and let my eye frame it. I really think if we just let go and let the intuitive happen, we would probably be surprised at the results. I know I have been and richly rewarded. I’m finding the same is true with Nu – as a beginner and without the technical stuff, his shots are really sticking – adding the technical part will only increase the images appearance and not the content, it’s the content that sets the image apart from just a typical snapshot.

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