Life’s lessons

Hi  Sawadee Khrap

Normally I find horoscopes a real dead end – they are so vaguely written that they can apply to everyone.  But, this months “Pattaya Mail  Weekly Horoscope” is unique.

“If one relationship has drained you, is it because you’ve been obsessing with the areas that makes you different?  If so, this weeks healing and diplomatic moves of Mercury and Venus can see an improvement.  If you shift a little and the other person does too, you can both soon close the gap.”

Maybe it’s unique because it is exactly what I needed to read and apply to Nu and my relationship.  Trying to bridge the culture and language gap has been trying – on both of us – English classes are helping but the tradition and culture are some thing else.  Thank God  Nu is young and changeable – I find  I’m very hard to change – old age I hope , not just bull-headed.  Yet I’m trying and we are making headway.

Saturday we went to Brian’s new franchise Mike’s Burgers at the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center – Brian sponsors a soccer team for the 13 and under Vieng Ping Orphanage in Chiang Mai and the whole team was there for burgers, pictures and a great afternoon.   Pictures to follow, just processing them now.


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  1. Find out first what you have in common, makes a great foundation to build from. Remember, the “too old to change” card is only if you are playing solitaire. 🙂

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