“Cut It Out” or “I’ll Cut It Off”

Sawadee Khrap

Jerry just sent me a excerpt from a book he is reading and recommends I get.

Love Entrepreneurs” Cross-culture relationship deals in Thailand by Phil Nicks 

“An interesting fact about Thailand – and one which is rarely mentioned in other guidebooks – is that Bangkok is a world center for penis reattachment surgery. There is a reason for this: cutting off a man’s penis is a fairly common form of retribution by angry wives, girlfriends, second wives (mia noi)*, or lovers. Some say Thailand is a world center for poly-amorization (jaochoo)*.

If the unlucky man manages to bring his disconnected member to the hospital within an hour of severance, it can usually be surgically reattached. However, only in fifty per cent of these cases does the man regain normal sexual function of his penis. A team of doctors in one Bangkok hospital reportedly reattached thirty-three severed penises each year – about one every ten days.
*jaochoo – multiple relationships
* mia noi – second ‘little’ wife (mistress)”
Now that should make you a little more careful in choosing your relationships or playing the field.   Sorry – Don’t have any pictures – I’ll leave it up to you to get the book and see what else he has to say about “getting it on” in Thailand.   I’ll stay in Chiang Mai.

One thought on ““Cut It Out” or “I’ll Cut It Off””

  1. I see a market for intrusion proof sleeping pants, like the chastity belt of the past. I’d definitely invest in a pair if I had an idea I may wake up and little “Joe” had been scalped so to speak. Play n pay as they say.

    Great idea – we were thinking about opening a food stand or other small shop – but I think your right, maybe “Slumber Peace” would be a good name and several products on display such as the sleeping pants, panic alarms, emergency medical kits, small portable ice chests (for transportation to the hospital), special insurance polices, ambulance services, etc LOL

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