Chiang Mai Zoo

Sawadee Khrap

Saturday, Nu and I went to the Chiang Mai Zoo.  Nu went with my small camera and I took the mid range lens on the Canon 350.IMG_8022  Here’s some images from both.

Got a ticket to drive in the car, but we took this tram first to get a handle on the layout of the zoo before we started to walk.  The main feature of the Zoo is the Pandas and Koala Bears.  Next time I’ll drive the whole thing. 

My batteries died sooner that I expected – not many shots and Nu got a finger-mark on the lens of his camera and the last half turned out all fuzzy – bad picture day but Nu had a great time running around seeing all the animals  – of course I sat in the car for the last half of the day – feet hurting and very hot – not a old man’s idea of fun. 

We plan to go back, hopefully earlier on some morning and get better shots. We also missed some of the animals and he wants to see them if he can –  their out in the cooler mornings, but hot afternoons, sleeping.

Please enjoy the     SLIDESHOW   Ciao



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  1. Glad to see you are out taking pictures again. The zoo looks like it would be a fun place to visit. Of course anywhere around Chiang Mai is going to be fun. Great to see the pics and as always thanks for sharing, hope we can get out with you guys and get some really great one’s when we arrive! Later

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