Bangkok News – both front page stuff

Sawadee Khrap

More tidbits from the Bangkok Post – Friday, 25 2008.



I was always told that

“dog bites boy”

would not be considered headline news –


“boy bites dog” would be.


And here the Bangkok Post proves that statement true.



In another story from the same edition

Castration given the chop, a very serious problem is confronted – many, many young boys 12,13,and 14 or katoeys are opting to have their balls removed thinking that this will insure they have beautiful, smooth lady-like skin.  They fail to realize the health problems that this action will introduce into their lives – not now but later.  At least the Health Ministry has started the ball rolling (no pun intended) and doing something about it.











Ahhhhhhh life in Thailand  – never what you’d expect.