Wow – Lampang hit 44C today

Sawadee Khrap

That’s 111 F.   Now that’s hot.  Tasanai is coming back from his Lampang project and has stopped in Lampoon to rest up and get some water and lunch.  The car’s air-conditioner is just putting out warm humid air now and sucking the gas.  We get about 1/2 the mileage running the air-con. 

The little Mira’s air-con can’t keep up the sun comes through the windows and really heats up the inside – we had them put on a supposedly good sun screen tint but it doesn’t seem to have any effect – except you can’t see in.  They painted this crap on rather than using a film and and now it’s going to be hard to remove.  damn anyway. 

Here in Chiang Mai – I haven’t had the patio doors open today, just the air-con running and taking it easy – I did walk up to the Grand View Hotel, about 4 blocks away for lunch (I don’t cook) and could really feel the heat.  We are about 40–41C here in CM.  Really a hot wind so everywhere it’s hot – not a cloud in the sky to block the sun. Time to sit at the computer and play.

Hopefully it will break tomorrow and cool down a bit.  But that’s the hot season – should cool off some this evening but we will still have the air-con running a little in the bedroom.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh  well – just a weather report — see ya.