Video – LadyBoy Beauty Contest

Sawadee Khrap

Here are some snippets from the video Tasanai took of the LadyBoy Beauty Contest at “The Peak” in the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

I thought it appropriate that “Let’s hear it for the boys” was playing on my computer while I was preparing this clip – so I hope no one gets mad because I left it in the sound track. I just picked some highlights and hope I got every lady covered. We are just starting the work on preparing a full spread page showing each Ladyboy in sports wear and their evening dresses so you can view and choose your winner. We will try to have a poll available where you can place your vote and the following month we will post the actual winners as chosen by the contest judges – Let’s see if you choose the same beauties.

2 thoughts on “Video – LadyBoy Beauty Contest”

  1. As usual, I have the still camera and Tasanai the video – But I really like the videos too, they convey much more info than you can get in a still shot – I intend to place a lot more on the web, but making them into much shorter clips.
    I tried to find the song “Let’s hear it for the girls” but couldn’t – that would have been nice – but the boys version was playing on the computer so I just left it there.
    Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Great video Frank, Its like seeing the Peak come to life, as I only get to see photos. I was sure that Tasanai did the video.. as Im sure you would find it hard taking photos while also using a video camera at the same time.
    But the boys/girls looked wonderful as always. Perhaps the song should have gone..’Lets hear it for the girls’.

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