The Party

Sawadee Khrap

cookie lineupNow for the children’s party.  As I mentioned in the earlier post , Tasanai and I brought several 5 gallon containers of cookies for the kids.  When I saw the line form I was really worried that we hadn’t brought enough for all – but it was perfect – everyone had theirs and some even got seconds.   Since we had gotten there early it was a perfect starting point for the day – about 10ish Michael and his volunteer troubadours arrived from Chiang Mai.  And the show began!


Here’s a shot of Michael’s group as we finished up the cookie line.







CRW_6135They brought a lot of donated stuff for the camp and then started to put on the entertainment.  Games, games, games.

We had    darts, football, rope skipping, dancing contest, Western dance lessons, pop-the-balloons, relay race, and finally the



Tug-of-War-PanoramaThis is a large file and will load somewhat slowly.



Quite a day – 200 screaming kids – excitement,   excitement ,   excitement.

The rest of these images show highlites of the day – Be sure and check out the

**** SLIDESHOW ****














And finally the closing prayer at the temple – all the kids were there and it was amazing to see even the littlest with clasped hands and praying with the others.

What a great day – I did get a little sun burned – forgot my hat – but that faded too –

Tasanai took about 1 hour of video so over the next week I will try to make a flash movie to post and let you see and hear all the screaming kids and excitement we had that day –  I will also try to get more names and post about each as we go on – but remember my motto – “I only do one thing a day”  The rest of the day is spent planning tomorrows one project and relaxing – soooooooooooo  it might be a while.