First Video – Lampang Cremation

In a previous post I talked about Tasanai’s Uncle’s Cremation. A service similar to a Irish wake – first the party with the deceased and then the Cremation ceremony. Here is a short (6 MB so it will still take awhile to load ) video on the final cremation – I’ll let it speak for itself. Then everyone leaves so the spirit of the departed can leave this place.

2 thoughts on “First Video – Lampang Cremation”

  1. Ya. David The culture here is a meld of Hindu, Buddhist and Spirit – so there are a lot of things in common with India ceremonies. I didn’t include the procession as a video but will post some images to show it – as for the number of people or family – it was in excess of 200 – quite a group. The music was from the band in the back of a pickup that followed the procession into the temple area and played all the time. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Frank, Very interesting. It must be a nice way to be seen off. They have a similar ceremony out in India I believe. I could hear some nice Thai music in the background.. perhaps Lanna music. But it certainly is carried out in a very public way, unlike here in the West.
    I was looking for the procession. Perhaps that will be in another video. But it looks like a great family gathering. It’s always interesting seeing different cultures from around the world, and seeing how they do some things differently.

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