Sorry – been lax in getting up the ACIM lessons

Ya – several things have prevented me from updating the lessons so far – I will start bringing then up to date this evening – thanks for your patience.


2 thoughts on “Sorry – been lax in getting up the ACIM lessons”

  1. Hi;
    I just found a site that will send Lessons to you each day for free…check out the link

    Thanks Douglas, I also subscribe to John’s email lessons – but I will still maintain the links to the Foundations lessons for a quick reference, I just got caught up in some other problems and need to bring it up to date. We are holding weekly meetings here at Chiang Mai and I also think I will include more links to other “Course” sites like John’s “Pathways of Light”. I had the pleasure of meeting John at a ACIM Conference held in San Francisco – hosted by “Community Miracle Center” – can’t remember the year – quite a while ago. ha ha I am getting old.

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