Seeding the sky – Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Sorry to have the blog so devoid of photos – it’s not been nice weather here in Chiang Mai for a while.  Still not cleared up all the smoke, so the Military is flying special planes around seeding with water to increase the humidly and cause the smoke/dust to settle. 

SeedChiangMaiSo far there has been some improvement but still not a lot – seeding will continue I think for the next few days – the weather people predict that rain is expected in 3–4 Seeding1

days and that should do the trick.  You can see the vapour trail coming from the tubes near the middle of the plane.  I use the best telephoto we have but the distance and smoke make it difficult to really get a good shot.   Hope it works. 

We have been wearing masks every time we go out and have had to keep the windows closed at night to keep the dust out – that makes it very warm to sleep – I don’t like the air-conditioners running any more often than they have too – they really dry out the air and give us sore throats and coughs. We turn them on to cool down the place and then shut them off at night and use the fans.