Return to Kuang Jaw Shan Refugee Camp – final

Sawadee Khrap

Continuing our trip back to the refugee camp, the next morning we woke at our small house at the Moun-Ju-Kour Resort.  Here is the view from our front porch.

CRW_6686   CRW_6691and this is a shot of the main office & restaurant.

Last night – this was our sunset — spectacular.  The next shot is Tasanai, the X mayor of Wiang Haeng city and  owner of the Resort, and Jira, our friend from Suan Dok.







And or course the Rhinoceros Beetles, the staff had a bucket of them that they collected last night as the bugs flew around the Resorts lights – they sell them in Chiang Mai for the vendors who make bug collection displays for sale – I thought they ate them – but no, its for profit.  And I also thought I’d throw in a flower shot – they were really beautiful with the morning sun shining.







CRW_6695  I also really liked the glasses they used at the Resort restrauant.  The sideshow has the other versions  —– I’m going to try and get a set – wish they had a gay version – that would be neat.


From here we headed to the Wat Fa Wiang Inn temple to see if everyone was there yet – but Dr. Saneh would not arrive till 11 AM and that would make it too late for us to continue into the National Park – so we left early.

Here are a couple of signs at the Temple – lot of Burmese.







CRW_6944But before we left Wiang Haeng we stopped by one Wat we saw on the top of a local hill and then to the Monument for King Naesuan at the place where is is reported that he had a cock (chicken) fight while he was waiting to attack Burma.  This place had a commanding view of the entire valley – a perfect place for the King to rest.

From here we headed into the Park – stopping first at Srisangwan Waterfall.  Enjoy








CRW_7038I always love the boys playing shots – and they really like to pose and get their pictures taken.  It was a beautiful day and I really envied them in the water – it was so clear and inviting.

We tried to take a side road to the Hot Springs area but bottomed out in the ruts in the road – next time I’ll rent a 4 wheel and then we will be able to see the “Unseen” parts of the Park.

So back to Chiang Mai  Please enjoy the

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  1. I thought I had commented on this post, but anyway I wanted to say again, Great Pictures!! Traveling in Thailand like that must be great, so much to see and do. Who says you have to have a big city to have fun.

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