Mae Ngad Dam & Bua Tong Waterfall

Sawadee Khrap

Today we took a short photo trip to Mae Ngad Dam in Sri Lanna National Park . Along the way were rice fields and a dragonfly nymph fisherman.

IMG_0029mod   IMG_9988mod

Then at Mae Ngad Dam we took a 10 min. long-boat ride to the back of the dam and the Eakchai House Boat clusters. What a great place for a photo shoot – next time I plan on bringing a small group of boys and have a photo party – swimming, restaurant, and private accommodations.

IMG_0038mod  IMG_0058mod

That’s Brian and Kot  – next time the whole gang. While we were going a fellow guest passed us on the Dam lake – looks like fun.

IMG_0053mod  IMG_0073mod

IMG_0068mod  IMG_0083mod


Pristine views, excellent lunch (both Thai and Farang tastes – fully stocked bar), and besides the karaoke coming from the units down the mooring – it was extremely peaceful.  We just got a few snapshots and it was time to continue on the Bua Tong Waterfall.  Next time I really want to spend at least a day here – maybe exploring some of the side coves for real private photo shoots, if you get my drift.  What a great backdrop.  Ohhhhh I digress.

Bua Tong Waterfall is unique – formed from calcium deposits from upper hot springs it appears like the entire area was covered in some form of concrete — these images don’t do it full justice – better lighting and of course a tan Asian body posed within would really bring out the full beauty of the place – we were there just about sun-down and the colours were beginning to develop – I wish we had had more time to really concentrate on specific shots – next time we will make sure enough time is allowed to show all the beauty of the place.

IMG_0120mod  IMG_0134mod

Amazing how the deposits flow as if they were created by pouring bags of concrete down the hill – nature has always the best backdrops.

 Light cream and white waterfall + tan Asian model = heaven, don’t you agree.