Lamphun – Tha Ku – Pea’s home

Sawadee Khrap

It’s been a busy weekend, 22nd to Chom Thong and here on Dec 23rd to Pea’s house in Tha Ku Village, Lamphum Province so he could vote.  We stopped at the “Gassan” , The biggest golf course in Northern Thailand for breakfast on our way to Pea’s house. Just a couple of shots.







Their web site has some great shots – sorry I don’t like golfing. The side road from the Chiang Mai – Lampang Super Highway to Pea’s village, Tha Ku, is being widened to 4 lanes and will be great when it’s done.

I got to meet Pea’s mother, stepfather, brother and several relatives. 


The voting was being held in the local temple, so we went there first.  At Pea’s house I was offered some “tasty” crickets – but passed them by, opting for a ice-cream instead.  Next we went to where his stepfather was working, cutting down branches that had ant nests on them – these ants farm a small insect similar to an aphid that makes clusters on the tree branches.  These are collected (along with the eggs of the ants too – I’m told they are very good) and used to produce a form of lacquer and cement or glue.

Later we drove to Doi Khuntan National Park and the train station & tunnel for the Lamphun-Lampang railroad. I was very lucky to have a couple of trains at the station, so I got some good shots.  Everything is in the SLIDESHOW   enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Lamphun – Tha Ku – Pea’s home”

  1. Frank, Nice to see ‘Pea’ in his home village. I call him the savvy one. They say he’s a good driver and guide.
    He always sends me greetings at Xmas and Birthdays. Do say hello to him from me.
    Nice slideshow.

    Tks David. Ya Pea is the best, great help and friend – I’ll be seeing more of him since Jerry has moved 🙂 And am I hearing right that you will be closing down you blog ??? or is this just a rumor.? Pls email me about it

  2. Don’t tell me you are passing up such a dish as crickets!! I can’t say I would try them either, but they may be tasty. I’m with you on the golfing, not a fan but the courses do look nice.


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