Just back from Expat meeting & ACIM plug

Sawadee Khrap

I really hope you enjoyed the photos and sideshows – I’ll have a lot more in the future.

Just got back from the Saturday Expat meeting.  Dr. Saneh could not join us but several other monks came to see what the meeting was like.  Khun Boon and Jira where there to see how it went so they could prepare for the presentation that will given in October.  We are working on a presentation to raise donations, clothes, blankets, school supplies, medicine, etc, etc for Wat Fa Wiang Inn Temple.  (I posted the photos on this).

And at the meeting I meet a very lovely young lady, Stefanie Boolmann, who had just arrived 2 months ago from India.  Space was very limited so she joined us at our table.  Stefanie is a Physical Therapist – Specialist for individual rehabilitation and is planning on staying in Chiang Mai and opening her business.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture, what a wonderful smile.  If you need some personal assistance or know of anyone in the Chiang Mai area who does, please give her a call 0873–026–873. We’ll be wishing her the best of success.  I believe she is planning on attending our ACIM meetings at 9:00AM Wednesdays in the lobby of HillSide4. So you can also stop by and meet her there.

Thats a good opening —–

  • Yes, we will have a “A Course In Miracles” meeting every Wednesday morning at 9:00AM in the front lobby area of HillSide4.  Several have expressed a interest and we will be using the same format that I used in the Pacifica meetings.  Please come and join us.

Well, today is school day for Tasanai, and I need to figure out what is slowing down the computer – a Trojan or some some other nasty shit got into the system – really slowed down and right when I am adding more images to Lightroom.  So far we have 11,000 images logged with 20,000 more to enter – can’t afford to have a slow system now.