Just a Update

Sawasdee Khrap

Boy, have I been busy trying to learn the new DVD video software – finally got it working, fades, crossovers, transitions, slide shows, and full movie preparation. I’m testing out Sony’s Vegas / Architect for Video with Sound Forge for Audio. What great programs and very easy to use – at least it is now that I am over the initial learning hump – it was difficult changing from Adobe Premiere logic to Sony’s – but I think it is a lot easier and I have full Dolbe Sound now. Once I learn it I can teach it to Tasanai. So far he has been using “Roxio” DVD Studio 8 – not that good and he needs to raise the quality of his DVD Video projects to something like broadcasting standards – looks like these will do it – the first one cut was really stable, great clarity and sound.

I will now try to make some small clips to put in the Blog – maybe about the artist we show in the store and later something for the trips I take ———— I am hoping that anyone who wants to see something about a “tour” or vacation area they are thinking about – this would be a great way to do it. We have a lot of footage from videos on the trips we have taken and thousands of snapshots that would make excellent clips – just ask and I’ll try.

We are planning on going to the Royal Flora again at night to film the shows final month – the show was real great the last time we were there but we were not prepared. At least now we know where to set up the cameras – last time we were nowhere near the good site. This time we will get there before the crowd and stake out our seat and vantage point. He will get his video and I will take my still shots and get some for the blog.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve been doing — and Tasanai has been preparing a printed photo project (wedding party) for friends of ours that they went to in the Nan area (city Northeast from Chiang Mai). I told them, Jerry and Art, that I would try to make a DVD slideshow from their pictures that Tasanai has processed.

Promise to have some more pictures for the Blog later –