HDR Photos with Photoshop

Sawadee Khrap

I am testing how to make “High Density Range” images using PhotoShop.  In this test photo of the view from Moun-Ju-Kour-Resort in Wiang Haeng.  I posted other shots from the restrauant deck where we had breakfast — It is almost the same shot as  “Return to Kuang Jaw Shan ……” post, but check out the differences.

Copy of CRW_6648_-2_-3_tonemapped3

This is a combination range using 3 different exposures created from a single camera RAW shot by Adobe LightRoom.  The 3 images and ranges were processed through Photomatix Pro and then further tweaked in PhotoShop CS3 –    Notice the great range especially in the detail in the sky and the shadows in the rice field – remarkable  – what a range of exposure.  I also saved this image at 72 dpi and optimized for the web.

This shot would have been much more impressive if I had made 3 separate camera RAW images covering a wider exposure range than this version using a single RAW image and adjusting it’s exposure.

I am really impressed and now will try to go back and re-process some of my older shots that I have the camera RAW file to work with.   The more I get into this the better I like it – must be because I am finally starting to know how to work the program – not the program working me.  Anyway this is just a test.


5 thoughts on “HDR Photos with Photoshop”

  1. hi Frank, that is a great picture! very impressive…hope you are doing well.

    Thanks Tin, ya this is a great tool, using 3 exposures will do this – imagine what using several more could do – what a range. As far as what am I doing. doing well but the breakup is still sad and it hurts – but life goes on – when are you coming back again for a visit?

  2. Hope everything in Chiangmai is going ok.

    Well, I am single now – It’s been different. Thanks for asking Michael email me.

  3. Hi folks, definitely a difference. I’ve got a very big screen here and it looks fantastic.


    Hi Georges
    Glad to hear from you – Sorry to hear about the computer – but it does sound like you are getting established in Belgium. Sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left Chiang Mai. – and best of luck establishing a new business from Belgium – should be a good one as you the importer and your connections in Thailand. Please keep us up to date.

  4. Frank, Great picture. It sounds like the method used to make 3D pictures. I suppose you cant add these effects to the ‘Mokfah Waterfall’ picture.


    Thanks David – I’ll try and do the Mokfah Fall’s image and see what it will look like – that will be a good test too, I think I took the shot in Camera RAW — it would also be a good test to see if Photoshop Camera Raw plugin will modify JPG shots in exposure range by using 3 versions to make a more expanded range combination if I shot the Falls only in JPG .

  5. That is one awesome picture, it’s so dimensional and detailed. Almost like a 3D effect. Just reading this most messed up my brain so I’ll just stick to the computer stuff.

    Ya – what an improvement – To do it correctly, you should take 3 unique exposures – one for the highlights only, one for proper exposure, and one for the shadow details – then the software will combine all the images, taking the best from each image, to produce a image with high and low details showing – I used one RAW image and adjusted it to get 3 versions – not quite the same but it still works pretty good. Glad you liked it – now I can try it on my other shots and see how far they can be improved. If I can do this with a panoramic – WOW that would be awesome. I’ll post it .

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