Great dinner in Chiang Mai – “Spirit House”

Sawadee Khrap

We just got back from a great dinner at a new restaurant in Chiang Mai.  The “Spirit House”  Owners, Wanchai & Steve just opened it and we went there tonight for dinner.  The Spirit House is a garden restaurant that surrounds a ancient Chedi.  The bar area has classical music, antiques and a art gallery.  Entertainment consists of classical concerts, opera and ballet DVD’s.  They fly the rainbow flag and have sufficient space for large parties.

We had several dishes, steamed rice, pork & kale, sweet and sour chicken, asparagus with shrimp, shrimp cocktail and Thai salad with soft drinks – total bill  450 Baht = $11 US   Not bad for a full dinner for two – excellent taste, no MSG (that’s my real dread in most of the local shops), and large servings so we couldn’t eat it all and had to leave a lot  – too much for us.

When you come to Chiang Mai be sure and stop by.   They are going to have a web site in the near future and I will put a link to it here on our blog.

We are planning on visiting more local venues and report about them in the blog – I would want to develop a list of the best places to eat, stay and find entertainment in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and surrounding area and post it here so when someone comes for a visit they will be assured that they will fully enjoy themselves without the worry of being ripped off.

We’ll cover more spots as time permits.





2 thoughts on “Great dinner in Chiang Mai – “Spirit House””

  1. It’s directly across the street from Viangbua Mansion, which is a great place to stay. (If you google it you can get an address and directions.) Wachai and Steve are real characters and great company. Steve has been an antique dealer in Thailand for many years and is a wealth of information. The beer is ice cold and the food is excellent (try the shrimp). The garden is delightful, and there are outside tables right next to the chedi. It’s nice to stay at Vianbua Mansion, drink and eat at the Spirit House, and explore the market which is only a block away. One night in particular I remember there was a tropical downpour on the tin roof, the geckos were singing, lovely music was playing, and the cold beer was flowing. The place was full of characters from all over the world all having a blast. So where’s the website? Did they ever “get it up”? Does anybody have Steve’s email?

    Thanks Boon for the great review

  2. Very nice review but you didn’t give an address or how to get there or even in which part of the city to look.

    Sorry Milt — corrected it by a new post

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