Golden Ball Restaurant – Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Bon, a friend of ours is opening a new restaurant in Chiang Mai.   Tasanai just designed his new business cards and when you are in Chiang Mai be sure and stop by.  Many cute boys as waiters and excellent food – both Thai and Farang.  GoldBall-Front copy





GoldBall-Back copyGrand Opening scheduled for August 1st

Here is the map for the local boys –

See you there !!!!


Their web-site should be up and running soon – They tell me they will have pictures of the staff – be sure and check it out too.


2 thoughts on “Golden Ball Restaurant – Chiang Mai”

  1. Frank, great page. Looks like Iv’e got to catch up on your events as well.
    I see that your ‘Gif ‘ image for July 4th didnt work also. Still it all tied in with the failed events at the US Consul. I do hope that the political correctness disease isnt heading out your way. Perhaps they need someone there thats just a little bit more patriotic.
    Will write soon.


    Thanks – love to hear the compliments. She is due to be replaced next year so change is in the wind – I hope they do find someone to bring back the pride and show it on special holidays. Looking forward to your Cornwall pics.

  2. I love new places to eat, especially if they are “family” oriented. I’ll have to book mark Bon’s site and check it out when it’s up and running. So I am hoping you will post a review of he grand opening? With pictures of couse, I’m a visual aid kinda guy 🙂
    Great job on the card design, and I love the directions for the taxi driver on the back, great idea!

    I plan to go to the Grand Opening and maybe before to meet the staff and record the event. Bon says he has some great looking waiters ready to go to work. The place is right down the street from a school and he plans on having lunch -noodle soup- & afternoon snacks (inexpensive) for the students as bread & butter business and the bar crowd in the evening as a gathering place – of course “gay friendly”. Sounds good – wish him the best of luck. When you get over here, you can check it out – 🙂

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