Golden Ball opens

Sawadee Khrap

Well it was Opening Night at the Golden Ball Restaurant in Chiang Mai.  I posted the business card before and here are the images from this afternoon/evening.

Bon was busy setting up for the first customers so I really didn’t bother them – more pictures will follow when the full staff is there and the place is running smoothly. But here are the first shots:

GoldenBall-Bon GoldenBall-Bon-MenuHere is Bon – a little nervous and really excited about getting started.  Here’s his menu – in Thai of course – I’ll get the English version soon.

Full training of the staff wasn’t possible – the final paperwork for the purchase was delayed and so this was a hurried opening  – but as they say the show must go on. 

Here are shots of the rest of the Restaurant and Bar– There is a inside and a outside restrauant area and the bar area itself.  Very, Very nice













Stay tuned – the staff pictures will be posted soon and I am sure you will want to stop by just to say hello –  –   –  But of course we want you to have something to eat and wash it down with a great drink and warm conversations.

I feel like I’m coming down with a cold and I have to do another shoot at the Temple tomorrow morning at 6 AM – soooooo I’m gona take my Thera-Flu and go to bed.  It’s 9 PM now – hope I can sleep.




P.S. Here is a link to the Golden Ball staff website gallery Tasanai made for them – enjoy and plan a trip here to savor the food and service.

5 thoughts on “Golden Ball opens”

  1. Frank, Just got back this weekend.. just in time before the bad weather comes in. Can you believe it, sunny everyday in Cornwall last week Got about 350 pictures to choose from.

    Love the picture of Bon. Yes the nipple didnt escape me either. A real Thai beauty.
    Looks like youv’e been taking a holiday from blogging as well. Perhaps it was the cold. Hope you’re better now.


    Hi David
    Looking forward to seeing your pics – I just left Bon’s place trying to get pic of his staff – got 3 of them but will try later this week to get them all – quite a collection – and some great shots too – colds gone but I went on a trip to the Burma border to a refugee camp and got about 600 shots – I will post them this week too – just took a break – Oh well back to work. I also just had a great voice call using Skype and them we tested Yahoo Messenger with Michael – you need to get one or the other so we can chat – both are great We talked for about 2 hr – free and great clarity. Later gater

  2. Frank, You need to get back and take some more pictures next weekend night time. This Saturday night was packed with people having fun and Bon has some fabulously cute boys working there now 😉 Bon was dressed up in some pretty interesting costume too!

  3. So did you avoid the cold?

    Ya – the Thera-flu stopped it cold — no pun intended – ha ha

  4. So exciting to see the place after the first post about it. It looks like a very relaxed atmosphere. Bon does look nervous but I am sure he will be the perfect host from the beginning.
    I love all of the vegetation around the place, makes it seem secluded and very inviting.
    Thanks Frank!!

    He will have the full staff later this week – something to look forward to. more then !

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