Finally, I’m posting again

Sawadee Khrap

Yesterday I went to “the Spirit House”  for breakfast and took some shots: 


Owned by Steve and Wanchai, the Spirit House is unique in Chiang Mai.  Steve was a well known pastry chef in New Orleans for over 8 years. 


The restaurant and bar also features classical music, DVD’s, and Asian antiques from all the surrounding country.  Open all week, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in European style, but they also have Thai food for the locals.  If and when you visit Chiang Mai make sure you don’t miss this place.  BreakfastFruitBowlExtremely reasonable pricing – for example my breakfast started out with a glass on passion fruit juice, then a fruit plate with mango, pineapple, melon, mangosteen, and jack-fruit.  After this the meal was ham, scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, onions, and mushrooms, toast and pot of herb tea – all for 100 Baht ($2.50 US).

I forgot to get a picture of the full meal – I ate it so fast I forgot to get a shot.  Believe me it was delicious.

From here I tried to find a new massage spa managed by a friend “Tree” – but I must have passed it by -I’ll have to ask a friend where they are located and have some shots later. Sorry about that.

So on I went to the Golden Ball to get some shots of the staff.  Here is a link to the Golden Ball staff website gallery Tasanai made for them – enjoy and plan a trip here to savor the food and service.


2 thoughts on “Finally, I’m posting again”

  1. Frank, What a bevvy of beauties at the Golden Ball. ‘Bon’ is looking better than ever these days. And what cute staff he has…
    ‘MI’, ‘BANK’, ‘SANG’ and the very cute ‘B’. They’re all wonderful.

    Glad you like – I am getting ready to add larger gallerys for the blog using LightRoom and blog links like the staff gallery – easy to make and quite effective.

  2. Wow, Thanks Frank for posting more pics. The Spirit House looks like a great place to eat, at least you did share the fruit plate before you ate it too, hahaha. Another place I’ll have to visit when I get there.
    I checked out the staff pics of the Golden Ball. Those are great shots, especially Bao, he could cook for me anytime. Tasanai has done a fine job.
    How do you say “Anxious to get moving” in Thai? I think that will be my tag line for a while 🙂

    Ya, the Flash gallery looks great – Lightroom produced it – I’ll try and use it for more gallerys on the website. Maybe put several pictures on each post and a link in the post to a more elaborate gallery in actual web site – that way the blog won’t be loaded with images and will load faster – if one wants to see all the images just follow the link. I can put a lot more up that way – even panaromics.

    and “anxious to get moving” in Thai is – อยากจะไปเหลือเกิน or yak ja pai lual gern – I think the translation spelling is close, but just a guess.

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