Day Two – Fang trip

Sawadee Khrap

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We had a very good breakfast (included in the room cost) and then headed out to the Thaton temple area again.  Nestled on the slopes of the densely forested mountain range that separates the northernmost part of Chiang Mai province and neighbouring Burma, lies the Thai Yai or SHAN village of THATON.  100 years ago, the Mae Kok river used to be the border between Thailand & Burma and cut the city in half – Now the border is 2 km North and both sides of the river are Thailand. This is the view from the great Buddha statue, one of the 3 massive sculptures looking down on this valley.

This is a fairly large file so have patience to see the full size version – but such a incredible vista.


Here are shots of the 3 sculptures:  IMG_4189-Fang-07-10-07-











If you look closely at the photo above you can see two(black spots),  massive wild bee hives in the Nagas or the Serpents – here is a close-up – these were over 6 ft. long and about  1 ft thick.


All 3 sculptures are situated on the side of mountain looking down on the valley – and they are very impressive to see as you drive by on the main highway through town.

Next we headed to the Hot Springs at Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park.When we got there we could not see any activity from the geysers. FangHotSpring2 As you can see from the picture only a couple of small jets were alive and all of the creeks were empty. 


Again this is a large file – please be patient if you want to see it full size.

We were told by the snack vendor that the geysers and springs were only active for about 40 min/day and as our luck would have it  – this wasn’t the right 40 min.  We got some water and snacks but decided not to wait around for the next activity – maybe next time – so in the car and headed back home.

Our next stop was at Tab Tao cave in Chai Pra Kan – now that’s a mouthful.








This is the entrance to the cave – too dark to get any good shots – we will have to bring several flashes to get any inside shots – maybe next time.   These caves form a network – connecting together throughout the Chiang Dao Mountain Area.     From here we headed back to Chiang Mai.



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  1. your picture very nice i like your picture so much

    You are very welcome – see you Saturday for the big shoot.

  2. I have Paint Shop Pro Photo XI, I have yet had time to figure out all the features. I bought a Canon Power Shot earlier this year, best purchase I’ve made. I love it and love the pictures it takes. Man, the pictures I could take if I was there.

    Well, we have enough space to accommodate you – I am going yo start concentrating on producing panoramic and/or combined image enlargements – first I think I will go back through my old photos and see what I have there to do first – then plan on new images from local venues. At least that’s my plan today. ha ha

  3. Wow, the Hot Springs look awesome, the picture is great. When I opened it up it was like I was standing there!

    Thanks – I only wish there were some eruptions when we were there – I really like PhotoShop’s Auto-Align and Blend functions, it allows several photos to be combined to make a larger view at base resolution – like having a hugh lens – The landscapes are so beautiful over here I think I am going to concentrate on making more and more panoramic shots – Glad you liked them.

  4. I must say I’m jealous!!! 🙂 These are some awesome pictures and I would so love to see this in person. Thanks for posting and the narrative was great too. It’s almost like I was there but not………

    Thanks for the comment – I appreciate that

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