Crisis may be over

Sawadee Khrap

Looks like the haze-smoke crisis my be over in Chiang Mai – today we finally had a breeze and the smoke cleared – at least to the point that we can see the old city now – that’s about 15–20 blocks. Our air-filter filter is about 20% used up but it did do the job for the apt. Dust at a minimum and coughing and breathing OK. We did have masks to use if we went outside– but hopefully we can put them away now.

I didn’t take any shots of the mess – but there are some great images on NASA’s pages

We will see tomorrow if it holds. It really put a damper on trying to set up model photo sessions – can’t shoot in this weather and gThaiStudio wants it’s photos to show the boys in natural settings – with a few staged studio type shots. Now ads can be put in the local chat rooms to find models. Tomorrow Tasanai will go and contact the models he has lined up so far and set dates to shoot. I get to watch – Nice to be retired and just a spectator – no ulcers or stress here.