Cold’s gone – Storms not

Sawadee Khrap

Finally over my cold, that was a mean one.  Took a lot of Thera-Flu.  I am so glad that I had a friend bring over several boxes with him when he came to visit  – I cannot find this product on any drug store shelves and ordering it is impossible here.  Thanks John.


Here’s a panoramic view of the storm cloud I showed last time – you can really see how strong it was here – since the start of the monsoon season began much earlier this year so we don’t know what to expect.  Today it’s just drizzle.Tomorrow – God knows

Tasanai has signed up for extended schooling and will begin next month to go for his prep for University.  This will take  1 1/2 year but worth it – make him more competitive in the future.

This weekend we will have another photo shoot with the model I showed a post back.  These will be done at a friend’s gorgeous apartment here in our Condo.  A specific session focusing on capturing the erotic nature of the Thai male body.  Should be fun – I really look forward to it 

Later gator !

2 thoughts on “Cold’s gone – Storms not”

  1. Hello, I just suscribed (or thought so) to your RSR or SSR. I never did that. It will be interesting.

    Georges in Belgium.

    Thanks Georges – Please let me know if it is working for you – hope you stay in touch Frank

  2. that is a beautiful shot of the rain clouds and city. looks like a great place to live………..

    Thanks Michael – We do love it, that is a photo looking South from our Condo (we rent)in Chiang Mai. Sometimes I wish we had a view looking North at Doi Suthep, but then we would have the sun all day and these condos units are very hot – soooooo we settled for the Southern view. Chiang Mai does have it’s problems but I still think it’s the best place to live – Chiang Rai – although a little cooler and less crowed, does not have the shopping or nightlife- still much smaller, but would be second choice. They really get a air problem there when the forest burning starts each year. Let me know if there is something special of interest you would like to see about the area and I will try to post it — Thanks again for the comment…….

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