Chiang Rai River Park – Dancing Shrimp

IMG_5929The last hurray for this trip – Dancing Shrimp at the Chiang Rai River Park.   Tasanai had to stop by and order this dish – he says it the best he has had, fresh and very tasty.  I wouldn’t know – the idea of eating live flopping shrimp doesn’t appeal to me. 

If you look closely you can several shrimp that have jumped out of the bowl – they just put them back in or eat them as they jump out.   They are baby shrimp, transparent and without hard shells but just the thought of eating them live truns me off.


Here are some shots of the local area and one of the staff children.





























Ciao    Until next trip     Hope you enjoyed the photos, Please leave your comments.

One thought on “Chiang Rai River Park – Dancing Shrimp”

  1. Wow, the pictures are amazing!! I won’t comment on each post but ALL of the slide shows are wonderful. Tell me about the “triangle” pillows, those are neat and I am guessing they are like the back of a chair, to lean against? I must have one you know 🙂
    It’s almost like being there just from looking through the pictures. Thanks for the wonderful posts!

    A traditional Thai dinner (Khantoke) is eaten with everybody sitting in a circle, dinner is centrally served to all, and after dinner they watch the entertainment (usually girl’s traditional dancing or the sword dance by the boys). I’ll see if I can dig up some old photos of a Khantoke we were at. Those triangular pillows were used to make it more comfortable, that way you could lean back relax. I have found that they are also wonderful for lying on the floor and watching TV or used as a back rest for reading or watching TV in bed (can you tell I watch a lot of TV, mostly news, can’t understand the Thai programs – )

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